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Preserve the past Enrich the future

Items range from furniture & clothing to medals, flags, photographs, china, toys, journals, diaries, accounts, agricultural machinery, riding gear, musical instruments, embroidery, rugs, hats and so much more. 

building our collections

Tamworth Historical Society has been collecting items since 1957.  We have over 20,000 items of local significance, some of national significance.

When we accept an item into the collection we like to know as much as we can about it:

the history of the item

who owned it

who used it

where did that person live, what did they do

when did they use it, own it etc

what stories can you tell us about the item?

So many questions!

Help us tell the stories of our city and region.

Please do not leave items at Calala Cottage Museum without first contacting us. If you cannot come to us, we may be able to come to you.